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    I am geeting the values from an array like this<BR>workidSeq = Request.Form("gQueue")<BR>strCallLogActSeq = split(workidSeq,",") <BR>for i=0 to ubound(strCallLogActSeq) <BR>response.write strCallLogActSeq(i)<BR>next<BR>now I need to pass itto the com function which I am doing like this<BR>for (j=0; j &#060; strCallLogActSeq(i); j ++) <BR> varRouteActivity=objProcessGQ.RouteActivity(cstr(s trCallLogActSeq)) <BR>next<BR>is this the correct syntex it is giving me error at<BR>(j=0; j &#060; strCallLogActSeq(i); j ++) <BR>saying expected identifier<BR>any ideas

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    so you&#039;re mixing VBScript and javascript? sorry not very clear what you&#039;re attempting here

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    Default it's called reposting

    he&#039;s asked this question 5 times in the last few days and ignores all the advice.

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