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    Our company has written an application that uses VB web classes. We want to sell this as an ASP and a desktop product.<BR><BR>We are trying to roll this program out to our users to install on their desktop, but Microsoft has decided that PWS / IIS cannot be redistributable by any third party, which simply means that the webclasses will not work.<BR><BR> Does anybody know a work-around for this problem, or of any other hosting environment that can process ASP pages?<BR>

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    As far as I&#039;m aware ChiliASP and most webservers (i.e. Linux) might be a way out. ChiliASP is not for free though.<BR><BR>You could however change your approach to pointing to the downloadable PWS on the Microsoft site instead of redistributing it. This way you don&#039;t redistribute, but still get the product to the customers desktop easily enough.<BR><BR>If you also need to install the programs for the customers, then you are of course able to help the user performing the download task (there is to my knowledge no way you can be prevented to store the PWS offline in an Internet Explorer cache for instance, and next copy the cache to a CD and take that with you to the customer)<BR><BR>If your users are running NT Workstations however, PWS is present on their Option CD&#039;s (PWS itself is free, so you&#039;d only need one CD NT Workstation license per customer).<BR><BR>PS I&#039;m not a legal expert, so investigate the legal implications carefully before proceeding. Drop me a line if you think the suggestion was useful.

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    Why would you have each user install a web server on thier desktop? The ASP pages and activex DLL should run off a central server at the client&#039;s company or at a hosted facility correct? IMHO Seems way overkill/unnecessary for each user to be their own web server with a local isntall if the application. Did I miss something?

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