Greetings All,<BR>I would like to be able to have a search on our intranet where users can find files. these files would be .dwg .pdf or whatever. These files are crucial and are valuable for production floor use as they are specification of sort. The fucntionality I would need is basically like Win OS search or Find feature. The contents do not need to be searched if i can then thats a bonus what i really need is for a user to enter 12345.pdf or 123 and would return the 12345.pdf file name they would click on this spec and it would spawn Acrobat for viewing.<BR><BR>Question is how would I go about this? I saw a few tutorials on here but I do not think its what i need (of course I could be wrong).. Anyone have resources or tutorials on this then please point me in the right direction. I have SQL Server and access at my disposal for the Database if needed.. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance