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    I want to change images with this script sintax:<BR>Document.thenameoftheimage.src="thepath oftheimage"<BR><BR>Good; the "img" tag (of the image I want to change) have not the "width" and "Height" atributes because the images I want to interchange have not the same proportions. In Internet explorer:no problems.<BR>In Netscape: the second image (the interchange) take the proportions of the first. <BR>Question: are the "Width" and "Height" atributes obligatory for Netscape?<BR>If the answer=yes...How can I rsolve this problem?<BR>

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    no, width is not obligatory, however the NN4 rendering engine can&#039;t change the width of an element at runtime. make the images the same size. (NN6 can handle it OK, by the way, but I still don&#039;t recommend it, since it&#039;s sloppy.)<BR><BR>j

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