I have successfully FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS to<BR>display the "rotating banners" described in <BR>&#039;Your First ActiveX Control&#039; pages 68-75, in<BR>"Sam&#039;s Teach Yourself Internet Programming<BR>with Visual Basic 6 in 21 Day&#039;s".<BR>I emphasize &#039;followed directions&#039; because<BR>I am new to Visual Basic.<BR><BR>The banners which are displayed are &#039;static&#039;<BR>in that they were created by &#039;PhotoShop&#039;<BR>and never change. I want to do essentially<BR>the same thing except that I want to display<BR>a curved line on a graph whose x and y<BR>coordinates are calculated at the time of<BR>graph display (ie) the line displayed on the<BR>graph is different each time. I have<BR>unsuccessfully tried to modify the "rotating<BR>banners" set of instructions to create the<BR>control and to display the graph. Any<BR>suggestions, help, comment, etc. will be much<BR>appreciated.