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    I am using a Loop to loop through records in my Record Set to match what a user has entered in a text box to a record in a DB - however the Loop is not only finding the record and returning the correct message it is also returning "Record does not match " message for every record in the DB that doesn&#039;t match what the user has entered in the textfield. How do I get the Loop to ignore all the other records and only return something when it&#039;s found the requested match?<BR><BR>The code is below:<BR>Dim objRS<BR>Set objRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>objRS.op en "TestTable", objConn, 2, 3, adCmdTable<BR><BR>Do While Not objRS.EOF<BR>If objRS("StudentNumber") = request.form("StudentNumber") Then<BR>response.write "Well Done!"<BR>else <BR>response.write "Record does not match"<BR>End If<BR>objRS.MoveNext<BR>Loop<BR><BR><BR><BR>objRS. Close<BR>Set objRS = Nothing<BR><BR>objConn.Close<BR>Set objConn = Nothing<BR>

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    instead of looping through all, modify ur select query so that it return only the mathched record. no need of looping.<BR><BR>all u need to say is<BR><BR>if rs.eof then<BR>not found<BR>else<BR>found<BR>end if

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