ASP Scripts vs Com Objects in Win2k

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Thread: ASP Scripts vs Com Objects in Win2k

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    Eric Entenman Guest

    Default ASP Scripts vs Com Objects in Win2k

    I read an article a while back on the performance comparison running pure ASP scripts vs making them into com objects under Win2k but i can&#039;t find the article. Does anybody have a link to it or any information about that.<BR><BR>My boss is trying to get me to convert all my scripts to components and i&#039;m trying to avoid it.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    SPG Guest

    Default A way out...

    Just observe to your boss the following:<BR>1) You&#039;re not as fluent with programming COM objects as you are with scripts, hence you probably wouldn&#039;t benefit from performance gains.<BR>1.5) All of the fun capabilities of VBScript (regular expressions, dictionary objects...) aren&#039;t necessarily available in a COM object [instance performance hurt if you have to work around that].<BR>2) Any future updates you make to the business logic will have to go through a reprogramming & review & reinstall -- and every install translates directly to application downtime.<BR>3) Presumably you&#039;ll be doing this in VB 6. VB.NET will not be backwards compatible to VB 6 (they&#039;re killing off data types!), so you might as well wait a while and just refactor the whole thing to the future standard.<BR><BR>Quite frankly, if your boss is really pushing for this, though, he/she/it may be looking for an excuse to dispose of you. In reality, the boss shouldn&#039;t care as long as the website works -- when they care (or at least pretend to), your job is in danger.<BR><BR>SPG

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    Default RE: I found the link

    I found the link in case anybody is interested<BR>

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    Default RE: A way out...

    Thanks for the reply....I&#039;m not really worried about my job. I can convert the stuff over to COM, i just don&#039;t want to. As for my boss, i don&#039;t think he even knows what COM stands for....<BR><BR>I was really just looking for the article that i read on MSDN awhile back.

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