We have several existing ASP forms that use request("[variable_name]") or request.form("[variable_name]") to retrieve a response from a form submission. We are looking at updating the client to use XML and make use of the existing forms. So from the client we use XMLHTTP and POST, passing in a variable with the send by specifying "[variable_name]=some_value".<BR><BR>The ASP form does not seem to recognize the variable. All the headers appear correct and if we do Response.BinaryWrite( Request.BinaryRead( Request.TotalBytes ) ) to view the whole request, an XMLHTTP and a HTML Form POST look the same. <BR><BR>Someone named Tom K put a post on this back in mid-december, but there wasn&#039;t really a response. <BR><BR>Short of rewriting all our form handlers, is there anything we can do? Some of the data is too big to use a GET which does work appropriately.