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    I saw on this board about email validation. Looking for a @ and a . in the email to validate it. What if you wanted to send an email to the person as validation. They must click on a link within the email to finish validation. I have seen this done before, just not sure how they do it. I know how to send out an email from ASP. The question is, what would you send that could validate it? Would you send a special key in the link back to the site. Keep in mind this should all be automated. Once clicked, it goes to a web page and finishes the validation and adds the user to the database.

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    generate a unique id in your database, add it to the URL and check for it in your page.<BR><BR>put the following in the e-mail message:<BR><BR><BR>where userid is a unique id stored in the database and linked to the user&#039s info.<BR><BR>signup.asp should request.querystring("id") and use that value to complete registration.<BR><BR>kurt<BR><BR>

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