inverse to Server.HTMLEncode?

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Thread: inverse to Server.HTMLEncode?

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    tabsquare Guest

    Default inverse to Server.HTMLEncode?

    is there a method to do the inverse of what Server.HTMLEncode does?<BR>I have obviously tried Server.HTMLDecode , but eh eh, it doesn&#039;t seem to work.<BR>Thanks for any help

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    What are you trying to do?<BR><BR>All server.HTMLEncode does is make a string safe for displaying in HTML, similar in the way that Server.URLEncode makes a string safe for putting in URLs.<BR><BR>Why would you need to un-encode it?

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    tabsquare Guest

    Default RE: inverse to Server.HTMLEncode?

    sorry I&#039;m late replying<BR>I need to pass through different pages a long string that may contain some html code, so also with the two characters " and &#039;<BR>I would like to pass the string through form&#039;s hidden fields but if the two characters above are contained in the string, only paert of the string will be sent to next page<BR>ex:<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" value="text here and a " character here" &#062;<BR><BR>now, only the "text here and a" will be sent to the next page &#039;cause the string will be splitted.<BR><BR>So I thought of encoding the string to pass it through the pages and then un-encode it at the end.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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