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Thread: counting records with SQL statement

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    Default counting records with SQL statement

    First, I want to thank Bill for his comment on my question yesterday... :)<BR> Now, for my next question...<BR>Is there a way (using either ADO or SQL statements)to count how many records I have in a database table without making a recordset? Creating a recordset for a task like this seems to be a waste of resources. If you have any ideas, please don&#039;t be shy...thanks a mil :)<BR><BR>Fazio

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    Default What is tht ASP question again???

    This is a Db related question<BR><BR>well you HAVE To open the recordset but you can <BR><BR>select count(*) from tableName and retrieve only one record and not all the records to get the number or records

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    Default much appreciated

    Thank you, Akhilesh <BR>I appreciate your advice...<BR><BR>(sorry about the poor selection of forums)

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