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    Kym Guest

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    I am reading in data that looks like this:00360-N00174-02<BR><BR>When I view source. It is only reading 00360.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?

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    Kym Guest

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    Actually this might not be the the real problem. I&#039;m attempting to give a button onmouseenter characteristics on the server side. Here is my code:<BR><BR> strU=strU & "&#060;input type=button value=&#039;T&#039; onclick=GetTDetails(&#039;" & rs1("OrderID")& "&#039;) id=&#039;btnT" & r & "&#039; style=&#039;WIDTH: 25px; HEIGHT: 24px; CURSOR: hand&#039; onmouseenter= &#039;btnT" & r & "&#039;.style.color = &#039;#0000ff&#039;&#062;"<BR>

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    Kym Guest


    PLEASE HELP&#062;

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    OK, first, try to response.write the ID outside of the jscript - just response.write it anywhere to debug. Now you will know if you are having a problem with the data from the recordset or with putting that data into the javascript code.<BR><BR>I think know what result you will get, but do this first and report back. Let&#039;s just say that instead of giving you the whole answer, I would prefer to walk you through debugging so that you can do it on your own next time.

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