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    kds Guest

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    I am trying to output GMT time in my ASP pages. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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    Try Now()+6 or 5 or wherever you are from

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Based on where you are, you simply add or subtract the correct number of hours from your local time.<BR><BR>So if you are in Helsinki, you subtract 2 hours to get GMT, but if you are in Caracas, you add 4.<BR><BR>GMTTime = DateAdd("h",4,time()) &#039; For Caracas<BR>GMTTime = DateAdd("h",-2,time()) &#039; For Helsinki<BR><BR>This should work if your server has the correct time on it, though there might be some issues during changes between Summer & Winter time as they don&#039;t happen on the same day verywhere in the world.

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    kds Guest

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    This does work, but it is using the time on the local machine. How can I use the time on the Server?

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    Are you sure ? It is news to me that Time() retrieves the time on the client. I think that you will find that it is definately the Server time as ASP has no way of getting the client time.

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