to complete this operation.<BR>Provider error &#039;8007000e&#039; <BR>Yikes, I can&#039;t get around this error! I am really deperate for a resolution. I&#039;ve never encountered this one before. I am using a SQL Server 7 db and trying to submit a record to my db from a form on an asp page. This worked fine for weeks and now this error is occurring. I have done the following:<BR>1)Checked the Microsoft docs and it said the following:<BR>To work around this problem, return recordsets larger than 4 bytes. Well, there are only about 30 records in the db and I can&#039;t return more than what I have! I have also tried to select Top 1 from the db and then add a record. The entire db is less than 3 megs.<BR>2) I tried changing locktypes and cursor types (from adUseServer to adUseClient and vice versa)<BR>3) I made sure that my db was set to grow file size automatically with an unrestricted file size.<BR>4) I placed the database on a different server<BR>5) I recreated the table, with the same datatypes AND then with different datatypes.<BR>6) I searched the all the forums for this error and saw a handful of others with this error, but no solution.<BR>Nothing is working. <BR>7) I checked the hard disk space available on the server (14 gb!) and the virtual memory (more than enough, especially just to insert one simple record). I checked the activity on the server and there is more than enough virtual memory to handle everything.<BR>8) I checked the tempdb and there is plenty of space available there too.<BR>Please, if anyone can help!!<BR><BR><BR><BR>