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    I have just completed a redesign of the user interface of an intranet application. This involves removing certain fields and adding a few in the process.<BR>Apart from writing HTML codes to effect the changes, and ensuring that these changes are also reflected in the database, no other alterations had been made to the pages.<BR>However, at run time, the form validation page (.asp) keeps returning this error message:<BR>"An exception of type &#039;ADODB.Recordset: Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.&#039; was not handled"<BR>By this I thought it meant that there have been some fields in the different pages and on the database tables that do not match. If this were the case, all my search through these fields have yet to produce anymore discrepancies.<BR>Please advice!<BR>Thank you

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    This could happen because you misspelled a field name when you are trying to get it from the rs. ex var=rs("mispelledfield") or some times when you try to get a field that is prvious to the other fields it will give you this error depending on what type of recordset you are using ex.<BR><BR>x=rs(5)<BR>y=rs(6)<BR>z=rs(1) &#060;--sometimes will get an error here

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    Thank you Dan! I thought so too. I&#039;ll go on checking until I find every mispellings and or omitted fields.

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