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    Hi, I&#039;ve made un update page for my database but everytime I enter a word with an apostrophe such as "can&#039;t" into a textfield, I get an error.<BR><BR>How can I fix this?

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    MyVal=Request.Form("MyField")<BR>MyVal = Replace(MyVal,"&#039;","&#039;&#039;")<BR><BR>This replaces a &#039; marks with two &#039; marks which will work fine.

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    to elaborate, when you want to re-display your updated text just use the replace function again to reverse the process :D<BR><BR>MyVal=Request.Form("MyField")<BR>MyVal = Replace(MyVal,"&#039;&#039;","&#039;")<BR><BR>of course use an array if you need to replace other items, like line breaks and such<BR>

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