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    DF Guest

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    The DatePart function can be used to find what day of the year a specified date is ie 2-Jan = 2 day of year but if I&#039;ve got a number between 1 and 366 how do I find it&#039;s date I realise this is complicated because of leap year and so forth.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Dave

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    As long as you know which year it is you are working with, just use the DateAdd function to add the required number of days to the 1st Jan of that year.<BR><BR>E.g.<BR><BR>DayToFind = 65<BR>NewDate=DateAdd("d",DayToFind,"01/01/2001")<BR><BR>This will set NewDate to 7th March 2001 (65 days from 1st of Jan). It will also deal with leap years for you.

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