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    Is there a way to print a webpage without the standard header and footer of IE? Now there is a &#039;page 1 of 2&#039; mark and a URL printed on the and of the page. I need to print some output of a intranet site on company paper and don&#039;t want these things. <BR><BR>Suggestions to put these settings of in IE (or even Netscape) are also usefull. It is also possible to send the output by mail and get it in a mailbox. But outlook (our email prog) prints always the header (from, to, subject, ...) with it, disableling this is also possible.... but how?

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    Just go to "Page Setup" in the file menu and delete the codes that are in the header and footer sections. You might want to copy and pste them into a text file first. In case you ever want to put those codes back in.

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