How to specify default file to upload?

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Thread: How to specify default file to upload?

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    Scott Doughty Guest

    Default How to specify default file to upload?

    I want to upload files from PC to web browser without the user having to browse their PC to find the file (I know its path and name). The free solutions like aspSmartUpload use INPUT TYPE=FILE and I can't see how to stuff a default value in. Can anyone help?

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    SPG Guest

    Default Not Allowed

    And the reason it&#039;s not allowed is because you could have a form on a page which pulls, oh, say, the default location for a Windows Registry file (or an MS Money file or a Quicken file) and then tell the form to submit itself via JavaScript and *poof* you&#039;d have data that you really shouldn&#039;t.<BR><BR>Admittedly, *you* probably wouldn&#039;t do that, but there are plenty of nefarious people who want nice people like you to ask for the ability to use default files so they can be sneaky and evil and do what I just described.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>SPG

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    Default RE: Not Allowed

    Ah. Hadn&#039;t thought of that.

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