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    hi,<BR>well i have a problem . how can i validate if the domain name is available or not. I want to check this on my site. Is that possible that i &#039;ve to submit it to some other site or agency and in return it sends me some information. Or is there a database which verifies it.<BR><BR>waiting for reply<BR>Adeel

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    it&#039;s easier to farm out the work to a registrar. checking it manually would require querying a whois database relevant to the TLD, and it&#039;s hardly worth it when the registrars can do it for you. try juts posting a form to a registrar&#039;s query site<BR><BR>j

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    Adeel<BR><BR>To check domain availability u will need a "whois" com based component to install on server where your web site is. and just send query using asp page. if u don&#039;t have a big site u can use forms in frame to get reult to anyone who allow u to use thier form for domain registeration and even get some cash too... heheheeee <BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR><BR>For hint check and<BR><BR>hope it will hlep.<BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR>Ali<BR>ali4d<BR>

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