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Thread: sotred proc' vs views

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    Default sotred proc' vs views

    is there any advantage in using stored proceures as opposed to views -0 does one run faster than the other - for instanse if i have a view which may be failry complex sql then in asp i can chuck it <BR>strsql="select * from myview where id = " & id<BR>and open the recordset like that<BR><BR>OR <BR><BR>I can set up a stored procedure with the same sql <BR>and a parameter and call the sp_myproc id from asp <BR><BR><BR>they both return the same - but i cannot see what the big difference is ??<BR><BR>thanks ;~)<BR><BR>

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    Default pre-compiled vs compiled?

    A view is re-compiled every time you call it, whilst a stored procedure compilation is cached so could execute faster?

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