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    if one want to include jsscript file that contain all validation that aform require in a asp file without giving elememt or form name it is globally declared so that it can be used in any no of form how to do that any code for that validation and there inclution in asp help iam atrainee please help me out

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    you can pass the required objects for validation as arguments to the script<BR><BR>&#060;form onsubmit="validate(this)"&#062; passes the form reference, you can then use that as a reference within the function. you could probably come up with some naming convention within the form elements, so you could have a field called &#039;email&#039;, and always validate that for correct emails and so on. even better, you can have a generic function and separately define the form attributes in each page. see O&#039;Reilly&#039;s JavaScript Reference book for a full explanation of that one, it&#039;s a bit large for a msgboard post.<BR><BR>j

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