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    Ahalya Guest

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    Hi Everybody,<BR> Is there any fileupload component that comes free of cost.If so,from where can i download it?<BR>Please Help me,I need it urgently.<BR><BR>Rgds,<BR>Ahalya

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    Ghose Guest

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    Take a look at this artical (and code). U donĀ“t need a special component to upload files...<BR><BR>

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    If you mean an FTP the answer is yes, there are lots.<BR><BR>find one at Tucows (<BR><BR>The best one i&#039;ve found is FTPX, although frankly, I&#039;m not<BR>100% sure if it&#039;s really freeware or not becuase I found<BR>it in someone&#039;s public directory at work :)

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