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    I am now using MS PWS to build my asp homepage.<BR>Later when I put this up into server, where am I suppose to put my homepage?<BR>Is there any IIS in the server?<BR>I got a LAN here...in my company...

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    have you got a host yet? i don&#039;t get your question at all - you ask if there&#039;s IIS on the server, but you don&#039;t seem to have a server sorted out...?<BR><BR>I can sort you out ASP3.0/Win2k space for a quite low price - you&#039;re looking at about $40 aussie dollars a month (which is about $20 US) let me know.<BR><BR>jason&#060;at&#062;atrax&#060;dot&#06 2;co&#060;dot&#062;uk

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