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    When adding a new table to a DB, I often have to create an ASP page which will insert, pdate and/or delete a record from the table. Being a lazy programmer, I just love to reuse code. &#060;g&#062;<BR><BR> That being said, I already have at my disposal a tool that will convert a SQL Server stored procedure into VBScript. What I would like is to take that a step further and have a tool create the actual ASP page(s), which I could then customize as necessary.<BR><BR> If anyone knows of a tool of this nature, I would greatly appreciate it. If one doesn&#039t exist, does anyone think that if I wrote a tool of this nature that they would find it useful?<BR>

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    I personally would like to see the utility you are already using. Sounds pretty interesting, and I "Wouldn&#039t have to reinvent the wheel."<BR><BR>Jerry

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