? Going in right direction with ASP/ADO?

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Thread: ? Going in right direction with ASP/ADO?

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    hello,<BR><BR>my name is heuy and i am a life long programmer (15+yrs - 1985) .. just in the Internet B2C arena for 18mos now, im running 7 ecommerce sites for big time advertising company on Win NT server using ASP, VBScript & MS Access DBs .. so far everything is going smoothly .. business is picking up at alarming rate for these types of sites .. the Question : can i stay with/redesign these current technologies? .. i have always gone the Microsoft way coupled with creativity and it has not failed me .. yet .. just need some reassurance that &#039;logic in the end prevails vs. method&#039; .. that is to say more can be squeezed out of a technology while the logic is at its clearest.<BR><BR>Thanks .. i come to 4guys all the time for insight .. hope to hear back soon.<BR><BR>-heuy<BR>

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    Yeah, you should be able to scale those up without too much trouble. The first problem you&#039;re going to hit is that Access doesn&#039;t scale very well, but it&#039;s pretty straight-forward to upgrade to SQL Server, which should give you plenty of headroom for now. Once you&#039;re using SQL Server you can move the DB off onto its own server box (or cluster if you like) and the sky&#039;s the limit. If you need MAJOR scalability you&#039;ll eventually want to move to a web-farm type setup, which only causes problems if you are using the intrinsic Session object. If you&#039;re not using Sessions at all (or use a DB for session state) then you can scale to multiple web servers fairly easily. You can go the whole hog and have a cluster of application servers for your middle tier objects as well if needed...<BR><BR>Dunc

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