As part of my assignment, I have developed a shopping cart COM component with 4 methods: add(), return(), <BR>delete(),modify(). I wish to use ASP as the client for this COM component. The shopping cart component <BR>instance needs to be maintained for every session the site, in the sense, the object&#039;s state needs to <BR>be maintained for a visitor ot the site. So,i thought its ideal to create its instance in the session_onstart() <BR>in the global.asa and use the instance thru the other pages. But I have beening reading that creating <BR>a instance in the session_onstart() in not suggested. well, i got the reason as to why. but then, where <BR>do i create the shopping cart instance to keep its state persistant? how do i use the COM component <BR>to implement its functionality?<BR><BR>hope I have conveyed my point.