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    Default detecting email mime types & html

    I don&#039;t use CDO a helluva lot, most of my ASP projects have been fairly small in size as I am a developer AND a designer....hence my question:<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to be able to detect the mime type of my users&#039; email and be able to know if they can receive html email, flash movies embedded in emails, etc.<BR><BR>All I have from my users are their email addresses, nothing else. Is there some sort of lookup I can do w/ CDO or another object to find out this information?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>HR

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    H.R. PuffNStuff Guest

    Default no dice??

    I&#039;d try another board but then I&#039;d get flamed for "cross-posting"...guess I should have chosen more;h!!

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    Default nope

    there is no way to find out what kind of content individual users not on your network can receive, other than to ask them.

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    Default dont' be so sure

    I find that very hard to believe as there are applications out there built by companies using Microsoft technologies to do just that.<BR><BR>Are you sure YOU just don&#039;t know?

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