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Thread: ASP Photo Album & Database Recordset Counting Prob

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    I have an ASP driven photo album on my website. All the info needed is stored in an MS Access 2000 database. <BR><BR>I need to write some code that would allow me to count the number of items in the particular database. I have tried using RecordCount but I always get a response of -1. I even set the cursor for my database to adOpenStatic and that didn&#039;t work. <BR><BR>The whole reason behind all of this is that I am trying to dynamically create the "Previous" and "Next" navigation buttons under the pictures so people can scroll through all of them.<BR><BR>My problem is telling the ASP not to place a "Previous" link on the first image page as there won&#039;t be a photo before it. The same applies for the last picture page. There won&#039;t be any photos after the last photo so I need to tell it NOT to add the "Next" link.<BR><BR>As for the rest of the pictures, they need a "Previous" and "Next" link.<BR><BR>You can check out how I am doing all this at the following URL:<BR><BR>Once at the URL, choose a band and it&#039;s all ASP from there.<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP ME!!

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    There are articles in FAQ as to avoiding -1 record count. also check paging records in FAQs

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