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    I am trying to set up user authentication by connecting to an access db using ADO. I am getting an error message of:<BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01A8)<BR>Object required: &#039;Users&#039;<BR>/testdrive/validate.asp, line 20<BR><BR>Here is the offending code from line 20:<BR><BR>Set rs = Users.Execute(strSQL)<BR><BR>I am pretty sure I have the connection correctly set up to the database, but cannot figure out why I am getting this message. I am trying to connect to a table in a db called Users. This is the first thing I have really tried to do using ASP, so I am a newbie. I can post my info from the global.asa file if needed, but I didn&#039;t want to take up too much space if I didn&#039;t need to. <BR><BR>Also, is there a site I can go to that will allow me to do a search of these error messages. I tried Microsofts little help thing at the bottom of the error page and that was a waste of time.<BR><BR>Thanks for any and all help.<BR><BR>TC

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    TC,<BR><BR>ASP does not understand what the Users object is all about, since it looks like there was a problem connecting to your database. There could be several reasons to this....<BR>- Check to see if your cnection string is right with the User Name and password correctly specified (if the database is SQL Server or Oracle)<BR>- Make sure your DSN is correctly configured.<BR>- Ensure that the database connction object Users is not closed before that statement that is causing the error. <BR><BR>Just a couple things you could look into...Thanks and God Bless!<BR><BR>Wil.

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