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    The problem I have is that I have a start date and an end date where people can select a month, a day and a year in numbers from drop down menus for both. What I can&#039;t cater for is when somebody selects a start date e.g 29/03/01 and an end date e.g 03/04/01 and adds this to the access database. Then if somebody else selects a date starting on 28/03/01 and an end date on the 04/04/01 I don&#039;t want them to submit this becaue it has already been booked. How can I sort this out. I am using vbscript.<BR>Please help!!!!!

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    capture the dates and validate them against the database with something like<BR><BR>set Rs=conn.execute("select abc from xyz where sdate like &#039;yourstartdate&#039; and edate like &#039;urenddate&#039;")<BR><BR>if Rs is empty these dates don&#039;t exist in db and u can insert them.else reject them and ask for other dates.<BR><BR>this is just a pseudocode.

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