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    &nbsp;<BR>I&#039;ve got an include file that opens up a connection to a SQL database. In that file, I declare OPTION EXPLICIT. This include file is in the root directory of my server. When used in other root directory files, it works fine. But I just used it in a file in the /news directory of the server by calling &#060;!--#include file="../dbConn.asp"--&#062;, and I get the following errror:<BR><BR>Expected statement <BR><BR>/bmfnet/dbConn.asp, line 2 <BR><BR>OPTION EXPLICIT<BR>^<BR><BR>Anyone have any idea what&#039;s going on?<BR>

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    Check to make sure that you are not saying OPTION EXPLICIT twice - perhaps in two includes, or in the main file and an include...

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