Only returning 255 characters??????

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Thread: Only returning 255 characters??????

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    Default Only returning 255 characters??????

    I am doing a query (using ADO withing my ASP page)on an nvarchar field that holds 500 characters. <BR><BR>When I run the code off my personal web server all 500 charactes are returned. <BR><BR>When I copy the code to IIS 4 it will only return 255 characters.<BR>Is there a setting on IIS for this or is my problem not related to the server itself.<BR><BR>Any help will be much appreciated, thanks.<BR>

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    Default I don't know if this is of any use, but...

    ...A DB with a field specified as text will only hold 155 characters...set to &#039;memo&#039; will hold a lot more. I assume you&#039;ve thought of this already, but hey, i&#039;m posting just in case =)<BR><BR>Can&#039;t see why it would work on PWS and not live tho...

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    Default RE: I don't know if this is of any use, but..

    The field is currently set as a nvarchar with a length of 500.<BR>I have not tried setting it a memo field.<BR><BR>I still think it is a server configuration setting problem.

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