Is having 1 page a problem?

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Thread: Is having 1 page a problem?

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    The site I&#039m coding asks for one main page that the users see just about all the time. This page will be reloaded to every user about 50 + in each session.<BR><BR>Now if I have 100 users access the same page so many times will it cause a problem? should I have multile copies of the page or not. I remember someone telling me that just having the one copy could slow the server down, is this true, or am I worried about nothing?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Pete

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    No,<BR><BR>Depending on how you set the application options a page is always multitasked &#039launched&#039 and executed. <BR><BR>That means when you have 20 users and 20 threads free on the webserver (can be changed by the meta base). Those users execute at exact the same time the same page; the page would be executed equally for all of them. ASP gives each user a thread and a &#039copy&#039 or instance of the ASP.<BR><BR>Anyway to make a story short. Creating MORE ASP&#039s of the same content is nonsense :)<BR><BR><BR>tip: set the website to more then 100.000 visits a day. This will reserve more threads and resources for muliusing.<BR>

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