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    I am now to javascript .<BR>if total has exceeds then I have to load one picture at right side . if not I have to load another at the same place. Please tell me.Thank you.<BR>By<BR>Godha.

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    Try this :<BR><BR>&#060;img name="myimage"><BR><BR>&#060;script language="javascript"><BR>FirstImage= new Image()<BR>SecondImage= new Image()<BR><BR>FirstImage.src = "one.gif"<BR>SecondImage.src = "two.gif"<BR><BR>if (x > y) {<BR> document.myimage.src=FirstImage.src<BR>}<BR>else {<BR> document.myimage.src=SecondImage.src<BR>}<BR>&#060 ;/script><BR><BR>Something like that will do the job.<BR><BR>Pete

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