Hello all,<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been getting the message below in my Application Log repeatedly<BR>recently. It seems to only appear when I open any project in Interdev on my<BR>Development server. It started happening about @1 month ago. There wasn&#039;t any system configuration (software or hardware) change around the time this started and it has continued until present. Any ideas on remedying this?<BR>Server configuration follows:<BR><BR>==ERROR==<BR>Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions:<BR>http://ipaddress - Error #e0024 Message: Getting SID&#039;s account name failed.<BR>Source: FrontPage 4.0<BR>==ERROR==<BR><BR>Server: Windows 2000 Server<BR>IIS5/Latest Hotfixes Applied<BR>Not a member of active directory<BR>Client: Windows 2000 Professional<BR>Not a member of active directory<BR><BR><BR><BR>