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    Hello, Let me qualify this question by stating that I know absolutely NOTHING about ASP...!<BR><BR>I have redesigned and am administrating my company website, which is installed on an NT server, utilizing ASP. <BR><BR>I originally created an index.htm page, and installed it in the wwwroot directory, but when I tried to connect to our domain, I received an 403 error response....unauthorized access. SO- I renamed the index.htm page to index.asp- and can get into the site just fine. This was sure luck (and a little deductive logic), I don&#039t know what the heck I&#039m doing- is there a way I can use an htm file extension to be the "index" file? Do I need to delete the asp.dll file.<BR><BR>Some other important issues I need to addres are:<BR><BR>How do I utilize forms...i.e. Form srcipts for ASP, where do I put them, how do I call them, etc...? I&#039m just beginning to get a handle on dealing with server type any help is greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Any books or online tutorial you can suggest would also help.<BR><BR>...also trying to password protect an ftp directory on our there an easy & secure way to do this???<BR>thanks-<BR><BR>Andy Wahl<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Am in the same boat.<BR><BR> Try this book:<BR> Using Visual Interdev6.0 (Michael Amundsen) QUE publcn<BR> Chapters 14 and 15 should get you up and crawling in 1 day<BR> on client-server mechanisms. <BR> (But look at my question on the forum for where I&#039m stuck...<BR> the book is not helping me)<BR> <BR> I don&#039t know the answer to your specific problem at this point.<BR> g&#039luck.

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    You shoud be able to "tweak" the setting in IIS admin to allow you to view the index.htm page. I don&#039t remember if you get a 403 error if this has not been set correctly or not.<BR><BR>Online tutorials can be found many places on the web for ASP,, 4guys (this site), etc.<BR><BR>The ftp thing I believe is just unchecking the allow anonymous access option, but then all users will need an account set up to login.<BR><BR>HTH and Hope it&#039s right.<BR><BR>Jerry

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