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    Loren Davelaar Guest

    Default Creating Email links for AOL users

    I am trying to send email using SMTP and CDONTS that have a url in them. In Microsoft Outlook Express 5 it works just fine, however AOL users are unable to click on the link. Does anyone have experience or insight on how to create the link so that AOL users can also click on the link without having to cut and paste? Here is how I&#039;m forming the url:<BR><BR>"&#060;A href=" & Chr(34) & url & Chr(34) & "&#062;" & url & "&#060;/A&#062;" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf<BR><BR>Any insight or direction would be appreciated very much.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default RE: Creating Email links for AOL users

    This is a very well-known problem. Outlook Express is highlighting those links for you as a function local to the client. In other words, it&#039;s a convenience for you. Most other clients do not automatically try to create links out of strings that &#039;appear&#039; to be email addresses and/or URL&#039;s. <BR><BR>The only way to FORCE the link is to send your email an an HTML document, but THEN you run the risk of sending email to someone who uses a client that does not support embedded HTML, or has it turned off for security reasons. For those people, your email will either show up as an attachment (probably with all kinds of security warnings from the client software) or as what non-computer types (my mom) would call &#039;garbage characters&#039; (the raw HTML). <BR><BR>Your choice.<BR>

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