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    Fazio82_7 Guest

    Default Sams sucks

    Sams sucks...anyone considering getting a sams book should consider Wrox instead. Why? Well, ask yourself this...'if Sams was so good at teaching you asp in 21 days, why would there have to be forums for people needing help?' I first tried the Sams book for asp and realized that their goal wasn't to teach me ASP, but rather to cram as much information into one page as possible, leaving out tons of important information. Besides, you can't master ASP in 21 days. If a book advertises such a thing, skip it and keep browsing. Why buy a book that leaves out the good stuff when you can buy a book with a few more pages that will take you well on your way. I suggest Wrox press.

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    Default Your logic is flawed...

    &#062;&#039;if Sams was so good at teaching you asp in 21 days, <BR>&#062;why would there have to be forums for people needing help?<BR><BR>Not only does Wrox offer such facilities (see but it is inevitible that folks will have questions regardless how well any book is written. This forum serves as a place for them to ask those questions and get answers. So what is better knowing that no book of any significant length will be understood 100% by 100% of the people? A book that offers such a place to get help or one that does not?<BR><BR>&#062;I first tried the Sams book for asp and realized that<BR>&#062;their goal wasn&#039;t to teach me ASP, but rather to cram<BR>&#062;as much information into one page as possible, leaving<BR>&#062;out tons of important information<BR><BR>Usually people comment to me (much more rationally and cool-headedly) the opposite, that the book *didn&#039;t* present enough information. Have you read the book Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days or are you just upset over a different Sams book? I make no claims for their other books, but I can discuss my own. I am curious to your feedback - what chapter(s) crammed too much info down your throat? What chapter(s) had the right amount of content/information?<BR><BR>&#062;Besides, you can&#039;t master ASP in 21 days. If a book<BR>&#062;advertises such a thing, skip it and keep browsing<BR><BR>The title of the book is *TEACH YOURSELF* ASP 3.0 in 21 Days, not "MASTER ASP* in 21 Days. The book is intended for beginners to get their feet wet and start creating dynamic, data-driven ASP applications within 21 days. It does not claim nor set out to make them masters. Once you finish my book, it&#039;s time to move onto a more advanced book, say Professional ASP 3.0 by Wrox. However, if you are a newbie and starting out with Professional ASP 3.0 by Wrox you will probably find yourself lost unless you have a strong programming background.<BR><BR>&#062;Why buy a book that leaves out the good stuff when<BR>&#062;you can buy a book with a few more pages that will<BR>&#062;take you well on your way. I suggest Wrox press<BR><BR>I don&#039;t fully understand your argument here. Earlier you said that the book crams too much information in one page. Now you say that there&#039;s not enough information in our book? So what is it? Do we need to "cram more information on each page" or less? As far as suggesting Wrox, yes, they have some good titles, but, IMHO, they are very guilty of these "shortcomings" you pin onto my book.

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    Fazio82_)7 Guest

    Default respectfully...

    Normally, anyone with sense would stop the discussion here, hoping all tempers would cool down...but, I hope you can understand that I am not adding to this discussion with intentions of proving others wrong...just having a discussion.<BR>Having that out of the way...<BR>Scott, I have nothing against you or your book in any way. And I apologize for any conception that I do. Let me start again in a more cool-headed, respectful manner.<BR> At times throughout the book, IMHO, I felt like alot of really big concepts were being thrown at me without a lot of details and/or explanations. I understand that you would want me to be more specific as to what chapters I saw this in, but I fear that would cause more commotion than worth (I hope you see my point in that) :)<BR> The book for the most part was written well...(given, I do have resentments for Sams in other respects, therefore I would like to resign my former statement that "Sams sucks", only because this statement was not fair to you and other authors for which I have not given a chance.)<BR> Having said all this...Scott, thank you for the input, and I hope that I our aqcuantance is not as strained. Good luck to you with sales of your book, and I hope that maybe you could look at this post (instead of the former) as only constructive criticism that could be helpful to further publications. <BR><BR>Fazio

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    Luigi Vampa Guest

    Default RE: respectfully...

    Its funny that wherever users can review books, Sams Asp in 21 days 90% of the time is claimed to be the best book by SAMS and if not one of the best when it comes to programming.<BR><BR>On the other hand Wrox&#039;s Beggining ASP has been on similar review sites rediculed as possibly the worst book ever to come out of WROX and not worth the buck. (Start with and you will see)<BR><BR>Btw Are there any job opening out your way at WROX?

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    Default RE: Your logic is flawed...

    My brother suggested I buy WROX ASP programmers reference. I read the first chapter and quickly got sick of it. I couldn&#039;t follow alot of it because I didn&#039;t know anything about ASP. The book said exactly that in the front. It is designed for those with some knowledge. SAM&#039;s 21 days was fine as a start, because it is designed for beginners. Once you have studied it then you should buy the programmers reference which you would now be able to follow. I think Scott Mitchell did a great job. I found some of it too easy and some of it a bit tricky but a book is not like a teacher, it can&#039;t adjust itself to suit each student.

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    Default RE: Your logic is flawed...

    Well, I haven&#039;t read the book "Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 days", I do have the previous one though (ASP 2.0) and I personally dislike it pretty much. Actually since that book (+ some others) I decided I aint gonna buy SAMS anymore, because I dislike the style.<BR><BR>Indeed, the SAMS books have something of "cramming information" to me. Ever since I&#039;ve picked for Wrox, or (preferably) O&#039;Reilly.<BR><BR>On the other hand, if the book is written by Scott Mitchell (this is just a wild guess really) that would be the same author as Designing Active Server Pages from O&#039;Reilly.<BR><BR>Maybe the style of the SAMS book is better then too (again, I&#039;m just guessing here). I find O&#039;Reilly most readable, and SAMS least.<BR><BR>I found I&#039;ve learned a lot from Designing ASP, and it wasn&#039;t the code that did it. I think it was actually the designing :-)<BR><BR>All my other ASP stuff I&#039;ve learned online ! There might have been one or two things I&#039;ve learned about first in the ASP 2.0 book, but I for one was very disappointed about it.<BR><BR>I suppose it is a matter of taste in books.<BR><BR>PS: I learned decent ASP in a whole lot less than 21 days (then again, I already knew some php and all the basics like scripting and databases etc). To me you simply can&#039;t ever speak of mastering. But if you have a lot of time... you don&#039;t need 21 days. Just start coding and lookup what you need, online.

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    jbennett Guest

    Default RE: I think the book is great!

    I am new to ASP and found the book to be exactly what I needed. I think many other people feel the same way.<BR><BR>Also, "Mastering ASP" is not the claim. You idiot. Read the book. ASP (and programming in general) is not very difficult learn. I am already developing sites that operate as slick as any "professional" site. The book works great for this, but to really "Master" anything takes a certain mindset. Not time. I am not a master of ASP, but I can analyze, ask questions and use the BOOK as a guide.<BR><BR>

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    Steven Woods Guest

    Default RE: Sams sucks - YEA RIGHT! Bend over and spread y

    Actually, I&#039;ve got a decent grasp of ASP, but I still like to see Sams T.Y. ASP 3.0 in 21 days on my desk. Why?<BR><BR>It&#039;s the most friendly, not-in-your-face book I&#039;ve ever read on this subject, and I for one, appreciate the book as a REFERENCE, not as a TUTOR. Sure, if you have a reference guide, you get all the correct syntax etc etc.. BUT with this by my side, I have instant access to a function in a (almost) REAL WORLD situation, so I can see code and how it reacts to the inputs applied to it.<BR><BR>Scott, great job, best £25 I ever paid. It stays on my desk. It&#039;s helped me out a lot :)

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    Default My book is better than TY ASP 2.0 in 21 Days

    Don&#039;t mean that statement to come across as youthful bravado, but it&#039;s true - I&#039;ve read Teach Yourself ASP 2.0 in 21 Days and I didn&#039;t like it. However, I honestly do think James (my coauthor) and myself really wrote our Teach Yourself book in a much better fashion.<BR><BR>Yes, this is the same Scott Mitchell who wrote the O&#039;Reilly book, Designing Active Server Pages:<BR><BR><BR>If you are reading the O&#039;Reilly book, though, my Sams book will be too beginner-level for you. Anywho, if you are working with ASP.NET at all I think you might enjoy my next upcoming book, ASP.NET: Tips, Tutorials, and Code. (FYI, I am only one of seven authors on this book.)<BR><BR><BR>Have a great day!

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