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    Raleigh Guest

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    I keep getting "Permission to use object denied" as an Messagebox in Visual interdev after I try to save any file. I&#039;ve been using VI for about 9 months under win 98 and PWS but I upgraded to 2000 and IIS and now I can&#039;t save.<BR><BR>Also I&#039;m unable to change the location of my webserver in VI its still looking for the PWS location. How can you change the location of your webserver on the fly in VI. I should know all this but have never had these problems before the upgrade....<BR><BR>Thanks Bill Gates!!

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    Ed Guest

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    I would try to re-create your project, and add in all the files that you need. What object is VI not allowing you permissions to?<BR><BR>I would start there...

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