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    Hey, I know this isn&#039;t an ASP question but I figured I would get an answer. I&#039;ve noticed on many sites you go to on the bottom (like a footer) has a:<BR>Copyright @2001 DrewT-Websites Unlimited<BR><BR>Is this just a thing web devs do to brag or something along those lines? Or does it have some signifigance? Do you actually have to go through the copyrighting proceedures?<BR><BR>Thanks for any info! --Drew

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    Brag??<BR><BR>Copyright law exists to help prevent people from copying your work (taking your intellectual property) by providing legal recourse (methods/paths) when such theft is encountered.<BR><BR>You do not have to legally file your work to own a copyright. However, in the case of a dispute, the court&#039;s opinion will weight MUCH HEAVIER in favor of the person who has successfully and properly registered their copyright.<BR><BR>In short, if it&#039;s important to you, and you&#039;d prefer to protect it and keep it your property, file it.<BR><BR>If you want more info, go here:<BR><BR>

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