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    I&#039m trying to set up a quiz asp for an educational site and i want the questions to come out in different orders each time someone views it. Is this possible? Right now i&#039m using the quiz script from asp101 with a database.

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    May be this psuedocode may help you. If you store the questions in array.<BR>Let you have n questions<BR>1. form an array of n random number starting from 1 to n where no number repeats using randomize<BR>2. do a for loop to get one number at a time from that array<BR>3. Comapre the random number and the question number if equal copy the row to a new array with Qno, Question and the random number<BR>4. do the step 3 for n number of times.<BR>5. use the new array to display the question.<BR>

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