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    i have a database with a lot of employee first names in it.and, some of the names are followed by a looks like this..<BR><BR>john<BR>megan+<BR>shaun<BR>harry+<BR >lisa<BR>.<BR>.<BR>as you can see some of the names in the table are followed by a i want to diplay the first 10 names under a heading called "HelpDesk" and the second 10 under a heading called "Management".the first 10 names dont have a superscript.and the second 10 do.what i would like to do is that if there is superscript following the names,i would like to display a small note after the heading else no could i do this?how do i check for the existence of a superscript in the names and if there is any,how can i display the note?does anyone know?<BR><BR><BR>HelpDesk(first heading and names)<BR>(no note here as no names followed by a superscript in this list)<BR><BR>lisa<BR>harry<BR>jack<BR>peter<BR><BR >Management(second heading and names)<BR>Note:(note comes here because there is a superscript in some of these names)<BR><BR>ryan+<BR>kate+<BR>john<BR>ken<BR>rus sel<BR>tim+<BR><BR>(the names followed by a super script may appear in a random fashion depending on the dept they are in)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    you can use a text filter when you query the database ..<BR><BR>SELECT whatever<BR>...<BR>WHERE employee_name LIKE &#039;%+&#039;<BR><BR>this will match all names with a plpus on the end. <BR><BR>Likewise, WHERE NOT employee_name LIKE &#039;%+&#039; will match the others. this isn&#039;t very efficient though because of the wildcard (%) at the beginning of the pattern match. Someone else will have a better answer I suspect<BR><BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    I&#039;m not sure if this is what you mean, but...<BR><BR>If Right(rs("Name"),1) = "+" then<BR> Response.Write rs("Name") & " This is a note<BR>else<BR> Response.Write rs("Name")<BR>End If

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