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    samuel Guest

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    i&#039;m using full text indexing to search & i <BR>want to catch errors that will appear because a user<BR>has only entered a keyword in their search<BR><BR> eg : select * from tblEmployees where <BR> contains ( strSkills , &#039; any &#039; ) <BR><BR>so this example will throw an error !<BR><BR>What im trying to find is a list of all those keywords to <BR>catch the error b4 it happens,.. any clues anyone<BR><BR> thanx in advance<BR><BR> sammy

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    select * from tblEmployees where strSkills LIKE &#039;%any%&#039;

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

    Default noisy

    Look on the system where your SQL Server is installed for files with this mask: &#039;noise*.*&#039;. You will find the various lists (in different languages) of noise words. In case you don&#039;t find it, here is what my English language file looks like:<BR>==========================<BR>about<BR>1< BR>after<BR>2<BR>all<BR>also<BR>3<BR>an<BR>4<BR>an d<BR>5<BR>another<BR>6<BR>any<BR>7<BR>are<BR>8<BR> as<BR>9<BR>at<BR>0<BR>be<BR>$<BR>because<BR>been<B R>before<BR>being<BR>between<BR>both<BR>but<BR>by< BR>came<BR>can<BR>come<BR>could<BR>did<BR>do<BR>ea ch<BR>for<BR>from<BR>get<BR>got<BR>has<BR>had<BR>h e<BR>have<BR>her<BR>here<BR>him<BR>himself<BR>his< BR>how<BR>if<BR>in<BR>into<BR>is<BR>it<BR>like<BR> make<BR>many<BR>me<BR>might<BR>more<BR>most<BR>muc h<BR>must<BR>my<BR>never<BR>now<BR>of<BR>on<BR>onl y<BR>or<BR>other<BR>our<BR>out<BR>over<BR>said<BR> same<BR>see<BR>should<BR>since<BR>some<BR>still<BR >such<BR>take<BR>than<BR>that<BR>the<BR>their<BR>t hem<BR>then<BR>there<BR>these<BR>they<BR>this<BR>t hose<BR>through<BR>to<BR>too<BR>under<BR>up<BR>ver y<BR>was<BR>way<BR>we<BR>well<BR>were<BR>what<BR>w here<BR>which<BR>while<BR>who<BR>with<BR>would<BR> you<BR>your<BR>a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z<BR><BR>

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    thanks mike

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