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    nek Guest

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    I keep getting the following error whenever I run my scripts<BR>"Not enough space on temporary disk. " Then it points to specific line on my script which is as follows:<BR>"rst.cachesize=3"<BR><BR>Please help out why can&#039;t my script run?<BR><BR>

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    Lurker Guest

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    You *have* checked to see that you do have enough free disk space haven&#039;t you ?<BR><BR>You really ought to have at least 100 Mb free space just to keep your machine running OK, and more if you are dealing with larger recordsets.

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    nek Guest

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    This script is running from an FTP server. Is the problem with space on the client machine or is it with the server?

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    Lurker Guest

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    I&#039;m not 100% sure, but I would guess that if it is a server side script, then it must be using the server&#039;s disks to cache on.<BR><BR>This might be completely wrong, but it does sound right to me.

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    This wouldn&#039;t be Access 2000, would it?<BR><BR>Check these two things:<BR><BR>First, create a DOS session (run CMD or COMMAND) and type &#039;set&#039;, check to see what the environment var TEMP is set to. Be sure that whatever disk it is pointing at has plenty of room.<BR><BR>Second, check out the registry value at:<BR><BR>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftJet4 .0EnginesJet 4.0<BR><BR>You *SHOULD* be able to take it as high as 512 without any problem. <BR><BR>HOWEVER - I should warn you that any time you make changes to your system&#039;s registry, you can severely screw your machine. BE CAREFUL - HAVE A BACKUP - and YOU DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.<BR><BR>Have a nice day. ;-)

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