Simple Beginer's Problem - Please help.

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Thread: Simple Beginer's Problem - Please help.

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    hello,<BR><BR>i have just started to learn asp. with lots of hard time i have finally setup my PWS on win98 machine (with an error that MTS could not be installed, Please advise if this is causing the following prob.)<BR><BR>I have writen (with help of downloaed example) a code to simply read an access97 database table and show all the records in html table. It works fine but only once. ie. if i try to open the same page again (both with & w/o closing the first page) it shows nothing. even when i wait for a long time the operation times out with any error.<BR><BR>I have given the code to close my recordset and connection with - rs.close, set rs=nothing and conn.close and set conn=nothing. I am using dsn-less technique. (moreover i faced the same problem when i used system DSN to specify the database.<BR><BR>Please advise me what am i missing or what am i doing wrong.<BR><BR>warm regards and thanks in advance.<BR><BR>gagan,<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    MTS has nothing to do with it. I have had these type of problems before and i have attribued them to a bug. Have you treid to restart your machine. See what happens<BR><BR>paul

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