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    Hi everybody,<BR>I read aabout converting Formated file to html.<BR>I tried out the solution and it works but I&#039;m face with another problem.<BR>If I read the text file Line by Line then There a Empty spce/ Line in between the Lines of text File<BR>eg is below.<BR>Example<BR>---------------------------------------<BR>Test Test Test Test Test<BR><BR>1232 1233 1323 2138 6284<BR>---------------------------------------<BR>Can Anybody Help<BR>Thank you <BR>I&#039;m Desperate

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    Kelvin Guest

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    Sorry I Have not explain that I used &#060;pre&#062; &#060;/Pre&#062;<BR>To retain the formated file type of the text file.

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    Default Do not use <BR> with <PRE>??

    You don&#039;t say how you are writing out the lines between the &#060;PRE&#062; and &#060;/PRE&#062; tags, but if you are *also* converting newlines into &lt;BR&#062; tags, then you are making a mistake. <BR><BR>Do one or the other but not both.<BR><BR>If this isn&#039;t the problem, post some of your code.<BR><BR>

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