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    I have an ASP Page from which i call a response.redirect. On this redirect iam loading another ASP page which is composed of two frames. There is a delay in the loading of the bottom frame due to which the data is not loaded consistently.However if u give an alert message before the loading then the problem seesm to be solved. This is a high priority problem.<BR>Thanks and Regards<BR>Venkat

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    Default Probably *not* Response.redirect

    If you type in the URL to the frames-based pages instead of doing Response.Redirect, do you have the same problem?<BR><BR>I&#039;m betting you do. If not, please say so.<BR><BR>If you do, then is the problem occurring because the multiple frames are "talking" to each other? That is (just to make an example), the top frame is trying to read some info in the bottom frame? So if the bottom frame isn&#039;t already loaded, then of course you get an error when the top frame goes after that info?<BR><BR>If that&#039;s all the problem is, the solution is easy: In the JS code in the top frame, do *not* try to read info from the bottom frame until after the bottom frame has purposely set some value in the top frame&#039;s JS code! Just use setTimeout to keep waiting until that value is set. Presto.<BR><BR>But if this only happens when you reach the framed page via Response.Redirect, then something truly weird is happening, it would seem to me.<BR><BR>

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