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    Oh, what a long night. Everything was working fine on this site that I&#039;m doing. All of a sudden when uploading an access database to the server, FrontPage goes nutty and shuts down. Now when I&#039;m trying to connect to the DB through an ASP page I receive this error intermitently:<BR><BR>Provider error &#039;80004005&#039; <BR><BR>Unspecified error <BR><BR>/humanservices/listing.asp, line 48 <BR><BR>It&#039;s very strange because it doesn&#039;t happen consistently and I&#039;m totally puzzled. I need to have this done by the morning. Can anyone help??

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    Please post the code that is causing the error, especially line 48 and any other lines necessary to understand line 48. <BR>Shooting from the hip, sounds like the database might have gotten corrupted in the transfer. You might try repairing it and/or uploading it again.

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