FOR THE BENEFIT OF NEWBIES<BR>--------------------------<BR>I just want to get on my soap box to make a point about two things that annoy me about some questions:<BR><BR>1) Some people come to this fine message board to get help about an error. They say that some error occurred, and they ask "Why did I get an error?", but they don&#039;t show any code.<BR><BR>PLEASE PRESENT SOME CODE TO GIVE A CHANCE OF SOLVING YOUR PROBLEM. <BR>If I wish to answer such a question, I post a reply asking for some code. Now for me to finish advising them, I must keep refreshing the page to checking for their reply. This is time consuming and sometime a reply never comes.<BR><BR>2) Some people go to the other extreme. They past the error message, which says something like "Error??? on line 743.", and they then past all 2000 lines of their script. To respond to this I would have to analyse the script, count the lines to locate line 743. This is hopeless, and I would usually give up and go to another question, particualrly in database forum, because I don&#039;t have their DB. <BR>SO PLEASE DON&#039;T POST YOUR WHOLE SCRIPT, AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU SOMEHOW INDICATE THE ERROR LINE.<BR><BR><BR>Conclusion: PLEASE POST SOME CODE TO HELP SOLVE THE PROBLEM, BUT BOMBARD THE BOARD WITH A MOUNTAIN OF CODE. After all don&#039;t forget that responders need some hints to help them to give you a good answer. Also don&#039;t overdo it, expecting responders to fix (ie re-write) your whole application.